What Are Filipino Women Like?

Understanding what are Filipino women like is very important if you are planning a trip to the Philippines or simply desiring to increase your network of friends to include Filipinos. Filipinos, the women especially, are an interesting lot. They have plenty to offer behind the “morena complexion” and “chinita eyes” they are known for.

So what are Filipino, women like? Well, it depends on where they are born or raised. Scores of years ago, there is not much distinction between Filipino girls from the provinces and those from the mega cities. They were (or most of them, that is) described to be reserved, shy, and conservative. But city girls nowadays have become liberated, pretty much like those girls in Western countries. You can see it in the way they dress (fashionable, chic, and trendy) and the way they carry themselves (confident, sure of themselves).

The modern Filipinas, especially those from the city areas are not afraid to speak their mind. They are well-educated which partly explains why they are good communicators, in speech and in writing. They have the ability to speak English well, way better than those from the neighboring countries. Contributing to this ability is the fact that the Philippines was for a time been under American influence.

Filipinos from the provinces are more laid-back in almost all aspects. But it does not mean that they are less interesting. If Filipino women from the big cities will entertain you by taking you to bars and their glitzy night life, Filipino women from the province will take you to see their lakes, beaches, gardens, markets, old churches, and everything else that will make you feel you are in the Philippines. In the province you’ll be closer to nature, and with a Filipina as your guide, you’ll love it even more.

Filipino women (both from the city and the province) are generally hospitable. They will make you feel welcome in the best way they can. They’ll go the extra mile to attend to your needs, even though that means more inconvenience on their part. But you are not to abuse this hospitality one bit nor are you to think that their being so suggests that they are opening up to you, that they are interested in you. Their attending to your needs is part of their nature; it does not mean anything.

If you want to go into an intimate relationship with a Filipina you need to work hard on it rather than take advantage of her hospitality. Winning her heart can be a challenging experience and one thing you should never do is to play around with her feelings. To a Filipina, foreign men can’t be all that serious, and you have to prove her wrong. Make her feel that she’s the only “apple in your eyes”. Pamper her, make her feel like a queen, and most importantly, respect her. Respect her views, her religion, her family, her very self because these are important to her.

All these things that describe what are Filipino women like you must keep in mind if you are serious of befriending a Filipina and eventually marrying her.

Source by Annielyn Summers

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