The Role of the Hotel Reception Staff

To a great extent, people judge whether their stay in a hotel was good or bad by how they were treated by the reception staff.

The reception staff are the visible representatives of the hotel. They therefore have a lot of responsibility on their hands. Anything that goes wrong in the hotel is considered the receptionists' fault, and this is often true. Good planning and preparation on behalf of this department leads to less complaints and more satisfied returning guests.

Reception is where the hotel is coordinated. They are the ones that know how many guests are in the hotel, how many are coming and how many are leaving at all times. Arrangements must be made to accommodate everyone everyone appropriately or complaints from guests will be justified. If a guest needs anything, they go to reception first. For this reason, the reception staff must be informed of everything that happens in a hotel.

The receptionists are the image of the hotel in the eyes of the guests, especially. A good receptionist will make you feel comfortable in your "home away from home". There are many times when we do not even see the guests during their stay -save for giving them their room key on petition, but others go to reception quite often, because they need advice on touring the area, have a problem, or just need someone to chat to.

There are very few times when receptionists in larger hotels have nothing to do. it's a misconception that they are only there to hand out keys and listen to complaints. Reservations are handled, overbooking must be controlled and accounting must be done. You need to know which rooms are ready for your guests, which rooms need to be repaired, repainted, and so on. Receptionists are in constant contact with the maid service and maintenance mainly to ensure everything is just right before guests arrive.

Efficiency, friendship, insight and patience are essential qualities that every receptionist must have to do their job properly.

Source by Stephen Ihabod

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