Thai Dating – How to Avoid Bad Girls and Meet Good Ones

This article is going to be very direct and honest because there has been a lot written about Thailand girls over the years so Thai dating is now a tricky subject. Of course we all hear about the stories of the famous Thai bar girls and we also hear about seemingly normal Thai girls who end up leaving their foreign husbands when he runs out of money.

Well as a Thai woman myself I can tell you many of the stories you hear are true, but I will also say that many of these are written by western men ( known as Farang to Thai people) and so we must understand they are going to be a little biased. That’s not to say they are making it all up because I know some are not but I have to say that I always think there are two sides to everything and I am not sure all these western men are just helpless victims of heartless and ruthless Thai bar girls.

The reason I say this is because when I hear many western men talk about their bad experiences they all seem so intelligent and smart, yet we know many consider Thai girls as not being that smart because many are not educated. So I can’t help wondering what happened to their smart intelligence when this uneducated Thai bar girl tricked them for money? Sorry if this sounds hard but I share this because I want you to avoid it.

So let’s move on to how to avoid dating Thai girls that are bad for you!

  1. Firstly you need to have the understanding that in life we reap what we sow or put another way we attract that what we hold inside. What this means here is that very often western men have something in their mind when they go to Thailand.
  2. If they have a desire to have a Thai girlfriend they also very often have the wrong thoughts about Thai girls in their mind.
  3. They then follow this up by visiting the wrong places in Thailand in search of a Thai Girlfriend and so they end up with the wrong type of girl.

Now that’s ok if you are clear about what type of girl she is and why you have got involved with her and if you are happy with that and what the consequences can be (ie: she might steal your money). I have talked to many men about this and it is very interesting when they meet these girls that they don’t seem to understand what they really are…because to them western men are just business. Just because it is not set up like it is in the West doesn’t change the fact of what they do. I think you know what I am saying with this by now I hope.

So how to find good Thailand Girls for Thai dating?

Right so you want to start dating Thai girls that are sincere and genuine right? Well what I can tell you is this.

  1. Many of them will be found in the same types of places that good western girls are found. They are in normal life working in shops, hotels, offices and hospitals. You can see them in the shopping Malls and in the movie theatres.
  2. Where they are not is in the bars and clubs of Pattaya, parts of Bangkok and Phuket.
  3. Understand that good Thai girls don’t socialize like people in the West and they are very often working or with their families.

So what about Online Thai Dating…can you find your Thai Love that way? Well I think this is actually a good place to start to be honest because you can actually get to know some Thai women and learn about them and their culture first because it is different from western culture. Social networks are fine but they are more risky because you also get less sincere girls on a lot of these so the paid dating agencies are the best in my opinion and I have seen and heard of many relationships and even marriages happen between Thai women and Western men from this.

That is some of my ideas and tips on how to avoid bad Thai girls and find Good Thailand girls. If you want to know more about Thai dating, and relationships with Thai women and how to find them please visit my website and sign up for my free tips and ebook at

Source by Angella Bhuvawatcharapisut

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